Company History

Aug, 2010 WiilArk formed publishing and distribution partnership with 6 waves Ltd.(Hong Kong)
Oct, 2010 Released “Resort World” for Yahoo!mobage
Mar, 2011 Released “Resort World” for mixi
Aug, 2011 Released “Business World” for Yahoo!mobage
Mar, 2012 Released “Airport City” for Yahoo!mobage
Jun, 2012 Released “Astro Garden” for Yahoo!mobage
May, 2013 Headquarters moved to Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Jun, 2013 Released “WARZONE” for Yahoo!mobage
Jul, 2013 Blue Quest, Inc. was founded by demerger from WillArk with the same shareholder structure and taking over licensed game publishing unit.
Jul, 2013 Released “Atlantis Saga” for Yahoo!mobage
Oct, 2013 Released “Royal Guardian” for Yahoo!mobage
Jan, 2014 Released “Atlantis Saga” for mixi
Jan, 2014 Released “BIRDZZLE” for Yahoo!mobage
Jan, 2014 Released “Num Attack: Run & Gun” for Google Play
Feb, 2014 Released “BIRDZZLE” for mixi
Feb, 2014 Released “Num Attack: Run & Gun” for App Store
Feb, 2014 Released “Knight: Clash of Heroes” for Yahoo!mobage
Apr, 2014 Released “Magic Kitchen” for Yahoo!mobage
May, 2014 Released “Magic Kitchen” for mixi
Jul, 2014 Released “Bubble Magic 3D” for Yahoo!mobage
Aug, 2014 Released “The Panic Room: Outrage” for Yahoo!mobage
Oct, 2014 Raised Capital and Transferred Outstanding Shares to Media Kobo, Inc.
Dec, 2014 Released “Robinson Island” for Google Play
Jan, 2015 Released “Robinson Island” for App Store
Feb, 2015 Released “Cloud Kingdom” for Yahoo!mobage and mixi
Mar, 2015 Headquarters moved to Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Apr, 2015 Released “Kaizin Rumble” for Google Play
May, 2015 Released “Kaizin Rumble” for App Store
Jun, 2015 Released “Totem” for mixi
Jul, 2015 Released “Cloud Kingdom” for Woopie Game
Jul, 2015 Released “Totem” for Yahoo!mobage and Woopie Game
Sep, 2015 Released “Magic Kitchen 2” for Yahoo!mobage and mixi
Dec, 2015 Released “Golden Frontier” for Yahoo!mobage and mixi
Mar, 2016 Released “Golden Frontier” for Woopie Game
Apr, 2016 Released “Totem” for Gesoten
May, 2016 Released “Royal Garden” for Yahoo!mobage